Hunger Resources

Our list of programs and resources is extensive and continues to grow. Choose the particular area you are interested in to visit the program page for each containing a brief description, contact information and more. We are currently reviewing this information and will refresh the website as updates become available.

Food Pantries | Visit Our Food Pantry Page

Dinner shuttles, supper clubs, and Meals on Wheels are just a few of the programs available from the Food Pantry resource page.

SHARE | Visit Our SHARE Page

Lynn SHARE provides a complete package of high quality foods. Learn more on the SHARE resource page. 

Nutrition Education | Visit Our Nutrition Education Page

The University of Massachusetts provides nutrition information for families, individuals, agencies and more. Visit the Nutrition Education page for all the details.

Food Stamps | Visit Our Food Stamps Page

Need assistance with Food Stamps or would like more information on what's available, our Food Stamp page will be of help to you. 

WIC | Visit Our WIC Page

Women, Infants and Children programs can offer a great benefit to those in need. Visit the WIC page for complete information.

Legal Services | Visit Our Legal Services Page

We help clients who are having problems getting the necessary legal assistance from a variety of agencies. Visit the Legal Services page for our program information and contacts. 

Hunger In Lynn

Today the problems of hunger and poverty continue to exist in the city of Lynn. Today there are more hungry families in need. There is a big rise in the number of working poor as well as continued tragedy of homelessness.

MBT Presenter Available

Is your group looking for a speaker? Dianne and other staff members from the Table are available to speak to groups of all sizes.

If you are interested about knowing more please feel free to contact Dianne:
(781) 595-3224

Did You Know...

My Brother's Table is privately funded We do not receive nor seek federal, state, or local aid. We do this in order to insure the privacy of our guests and to serve the greatest number of people in need. Funding comes from individual donations and events and private grants. The Table also relies heavily on donated food from supermarkets, restaurants, food drives, and individuals for most of each meal served. Visit our Funding page for more information.